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To dance is to move in time with some music. Hopefully such movement is also attractive to watch. In the case of ballet, the dance may tell a story. However, social dancing is more for the entertainment of the participants than any audience.

This collection of files is intended to cover the basics of Modern Ballroom, Latin, Alternative Latin and Sequence dances. Only simple versions of steps will be described here. If you want more detail on footwork or competition technique, you'll have to consult one of the serious books on ballroom dancing. If you think anything should be added or changed on this site, use the contact details at the bottom of the page.

All MIDI music files on this site are copyright Elizabeth Down / Susan Foord. You have permission to play, save, copy or even hack into them! However, you may not claim ownership of or charge anyone else money for this music (in whole or in part). That includes using any of it in your own tracks.

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