Sequence & Line Dances

In sequence dances, everyone should be using the same fixed pattern of steps. In solo or group line dances, all generally face the same way in whatever rows and columns fit the room. In folk, country or barn dances, groups of dancers form a set and these sets are arranged to fit the room. Otherwise (ie for most paired dances), the line of dance runs anticlockwise around the edge of a room and couples spread out along it.

The man usually starts on the inside of the circle and the lady on the outside. They may be facing each other or both facing the LOD. In modern dances, the man always begins with his left foot. Therefore the lady begins with her right foot, except when shadowing or solo. In older folk dances the man begins with his right foot.

Some couple/pair dances can be progressive. During the sequence, at a particular point, all the partners will separate. Then (usually) each man will progress along the LOD while each lady moves against it to join up with the next partner in line before continuing the sequence.

Step instructions given here are my interpretation of what I've seen. They may not match the original creator's description. Unfortunately, for many sequences I have no idea who the creator was. I will correct any mistakes in the steps when I find an accurate source for each dance.

Slow Waltz Old-time Waltz Viennese Waltz Two-Step / March
Sweetheart Waltz ²
Emmerdale Waltz ²
Catherine Waltz ²
Woodside Waltz ²
White City Waltz ²
Waltz Across Texas ¹
Got You Too ¹
Veleta ²
Lilac Waltz ²
Fylde Waltz ²
Regis Waltz ²
St.Bernard's Waltz ²
Viennese Swing ²
Boston Two-Step ²
Military Two-Step ²
Danish Two-Step ²
Dinky One-Step ²
Gay Gordons ²
Lambeth Walk ²
March Of The Mods ³
Foxtrot / Saunter Jive / Rock Quickstep / Swing Disco Beat
Harry Lime Foxtrot ²
Melody Foxtrot ²
Iris Foxtrot ²
Balmoral Blues ²
Saunter Revé ²
Saunter Together ²
Sandringham Saunter ²
Red Rose Saunter ²
Bambi Blues ²
Breakaway Blues ²
Festival Glide ²
Palais Glide ³
The Lemon Tree ¹
Cheyenne ¹
Blue Rose Is ¹
Come Dance With Me ¹
Ragtime Swing ²
Valentina Jive ²
Flip-Flop ²
Peaches And Cream ¹
Piece Of Cake ¹
My Girl Sally ¹
Cowgirl Twist ¹
Duck Soup ¹
Little Red Book ¹
Jazzie Joe's ¹
Black Velvet ¹
Elliot's Dream ¹
Wanna Have Fun ¹
Good Friends ¹
Ski Bumpus ¹
Easy Come Easy Go ¹
My New Life ¹
Eagles Rock ¹
Suzanne Quickstep ²
Manhattan Blues ²
Mayfair Quickstep ²
Sindy Swing ²
Spindle Swing ²
Alpine Stroll ²
Skye Swing ²
Let's Swing ²
Blackpool Belle ¹
Ribbon Of Highway ¹
Cow-Girl Charleston ¹
A.B. Two-Step ¹
Irish Stew ¹
Lindy Hop ¹
Beat Barn Dance ²
Electric Slide ¹
The Freeze ¹
Texas Stomp ¹
One Step Forward ¹
Simply Shuffle ¹
Mamma Maria ¹
Rumba Cha-Cha Mambo / Salsa Tango / Paso Doble
Rumba One ²
Miami Rumba ²
Queen Of Hearts Rumba ²
Rumba Royale ²
Loui-Ann Rumba ²
Blue Angel Rumba ²
Sirocco Rumba ²
Rumba Deargo ²
Wheels Cha-Cha ²
Jacqueline Cha-Cha ²
Sally-Ann Cha-Cha ²
Beyzabanu Cha-Cha ²
Stroller Cha-Cha ¹
Heartbreak Shuffle ¹
Memory Cha-Cha ¹
County Line Cha-Cha ¹
Let Your Love Flow ¹
Mambo Magic ²
Mambo Marina ²
Sweet Bay Salsa ²
Red Hot Salsa ¹
Square Tango ²
Square Tango (grp) ³
Tango Serida ²
Tango Solair ²
Lola Tango ²
Tina Tango ²
Tango Manhatten ²
Tayside Tango ²
Heartbeat Tango ²
Bossa Nova Samba Calypso / Merengue Miscellaneous
Bossa Nova Blues ²
Rio Samba ²
Samba 2K ²
Caribbean Calypso ²

¹ = solo/line dance
² = couple dance
³ = group dance

© Susan Foord ( 2011-02-15
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