The music has 2 beats to the bar and about 64 bars per minute. Each bar is counted & 1 and 2 (aQQS).

The couple should remain in very close hold throughout.

There is only one basic figure - a hop and chassé! The hop is taken on the last supporting foot of the previous bar with the leading foot raised to shin level. The raised knee is turned out to avoid hitting partner's knee. Notating this step is difficult. Intuitively I would like to name it after the supporting foot. However, to conform with flicks (which may also include a hop in some dances), I am naming it after the raised foot because it moves most.

Natural Turn Basics

The hop and chassé figure is used to make a half turn to the right each time. As usual the person on the outside of a turn has to take larger steps than their partner. This is whoever is using the left chassé basic. The couple should look and travel along the line of dance.

Promenade Natural Turn (PP-FP, CH) Counter-Prom. Natural Turn (CP-FP, CH)
Beat & (a) 1 (Q) and (Q) 2 (S) & (a) 1 (Q) and (Q) 2 (S)
Man L hop LFSB+2 RC LSBX+2 R hop RSF+2 LC RFX+2
Lady R hop RSF+2 LC RFX+2 L hop LFSB+2 RC LSBX+2

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